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Embden Town of Yore
Ernest G. Walker

This deluxe hardcover edition has over 760 pages with useful information for genealogists and others interested in the history of Embden from the earliest settlers to the early 1900's. With an index of 7,000 entries, this book contains information on families of Embden and adjacent towns of the Upper Kennebec Valley and refers to towns such as Woolwich and Berwick, from which many of the early settlers came.

Some of the family names are: Adams, Albee, Atwood, Ayer, Barron, Berry, Boothby, Boyington, Burns, Caswell, Chamberlain, Chick, Churchill, Clark, Cleveland, Colby, Copp, Cragin, Daggett, Dawes, Dunbar, Durrell, Eames, Felker, Ford, Foss, Getchell, Gould, Gray, Heald, Hilton, Hodgdon, Holbrook, Hutchins, Jackson, Jewett, Mantor, McFadden, McKenney, Moore, Moulton, Mullen, Paine, Pierce, Purington, Quint, Rowe, Salley, Savage, Spaulding, Stevens, Strickland, Thompson, Tripp, Walker, Wells, Wentworth, Williams, Wilson, Witham and Young.

The book contains:

  • Early maps of Embden

  • Numerous family pictures

  • Lists of taxpayers from 1810 through 1890

  • 1850 census records

  • Marriage records from 1800-1892

  • Lists of soldiers that served in the Civil War, Revolutionary War and War of 1812.

Historical Sites Afghan

Created as part of the commemoration of Embden's Bicentennial, this woven afghan features representations of nine iconic Embden locations.

South of Lost Nation
Ernest G. Walker

A spiral bound publication, including a 46-page name-only index. The town of Concord was once called "Lost Nation," making the town of Embden "south of lost nation." This book contains genealogical information about local families - births, deaths, marriages - and tales of the area. Some of the most prominent surnames are Berry, Burns, Foss, Moulton, Mullen, Strickland, and Tripp. 

Historical Map

A fold-out brochure produced by the Embden Bicentennial Committee in 2004 that provides a visual guide to points of interest throughout the town - including sites of early industries, post offices, schools, cemeteries and other historic locations.

Embden Streets and Roads

Printed in 2004, includes an index to all streets in the town at that time, and several local points of interest.  Measures 11 x 18 inches. 

Town of Embden 1883

Measuring 14 x 18 inches this map shows the town as it existed in 1883 including the names of landowners.  In 1880 the town's population was 874.  

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